0 Introduction.

If you have reached this point then you must have caught rumors about Ruth by now. You may have heard that she is a consultant, a recruiter, an artificial intelligence, a legend… and most importantly, that she can resolve your employment issues in an innovative and unique manner, the likes of which you have not experienced before. She is and can do all of the above and more. Keep reading and you will get a glimpse of what will happen in your near future if you make just one simple decision at this point in time, as per your potential employer’s desires, – if you decide to work with Ruth.

1 The incentive.

A Candidate decides that they for whatever reason wants a new job. It is important to them to find an opportunity where they fit in and are willing to try another kind of hiring approach to get a job; an approach that doesn’t involve enduring countless interviews or fussing over “first impressions” but an approach where they simply give all relevant data about themselves and their dream job to just one, central person and simply… wait for a Match. They get introduced to Ruth, an AI entity which promises participation in an unbiased selection process in exchange for data about themselves.

2 The beginnings.

The Candidate registers into the system and is provided with instructions on how to start working with Ruth. Besides the usual CV, demographic and contact data, Ruth assigns them several questionnaires on various relevant topics in order to construct the Candidate’s unique Profile.

3 Enters Ruth.

Once all the necessary data is gathered, enters – Ruth. This is when the magic happens, or rather, when Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, statistics, psychometrics, and psychological science meet up in order to help both the Candidate and the Employer make unbiased, fast, and correct employment decisions. In short, her mission is to see a potential for candidate-employer fit where others cannot and to provide both parties with their true Match.

4 Ruth recommends a Match!

The Candidate receives Ruth’s recommendations and Profile details of the Employer. Specifically, Ruth elaborates on her recommendation by giving insights about the Candidate’s compatibility with the Employer by sharing insights how likely the two parties will fit each other.

Get started

5 Happily ever after.

Upon reviewing Ruth’s recommendations, the Candidate and the Employer realize that Ruth was right all along. The Employer hires the most fitting Candidate(s) and they proceed onto new business victories together. They all praise Ruth for being the best selection partner they have ever had and tell all their friends about their adventures with her. The end..